Digital Marketing And How Singapore Is Connected To It

Digital Marketing is a term that is commonly used for all the online marketing types and efforts that we put in. Business holders use the digital portals like Google, Social Media, Mails and the websites in order to grab the attention and then further connect to their prospective customers. Nowadays we spend a lot of time online than what we used to do some 10-12 years back. Also, the way we engage ourselves in purchasing things and selling them, it is all majorly online now, and so the market of offline business is really a lot lesser than that of the online one.

What is Marketing All About?

Marketing talks about how well you can connect with your customer and how you can make them relate to what you are saying. So, in today’s world, the meeting and convincing happen on the most used platform i.e. the internet.

There are numerous numbers of tactics and assets that are involved in the area of digital marketing, and since everything that goes on in our businesses nowadays are online, we need to know about these assets and tactics very well in order to use them well. They can help you in reaching your desired goal every time. Given below are the Assets and the Tactics:


Your website, Blog posts, e-books and whitepapers, Infographics, Interactive tools, Social media channels, earned online coverage, online brochures and look books and Branding assets.


There are several tactics used, and here we list down four of the major ones:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is a way of increasing the general traffic on your website in order to go higher on the search engine results page.
  • Content Marketing: The publication and then the promotion of the content that goes on your website for the brand awareness, the brand’s growth and the generation of the lead for your brand.
  • Inbound Marketing: This tells us about the “full funnel” type of approach in attracting and convincing the crowd or the customers about your brand or content that is on your website.
  • Social Media Marketing: This is the way of promoting or publicizing your content or brand on the internet and online through various websites.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing provides you with real-time results without many efforts whereas in the case of offline marketing you have to work a lot for minimal results. For example, think about an advertisement in a specific newspaper and then calculate the number of people who actually have seen that advertisement. In the case of digital marketing, it is just a click that shows that your advert was viewed or not. When you are using Digital marketing, you can calculate any kind of traffic and profit on and for your website. Examples of those situations are:

  1. Website Traffic: This feature helps you track the number of people who actually have visited your website or open it quite often. You can also check the number of pages they viewed or if they had any kind of queries.
  2. Content Performance and Lead Generation: Earlier it was very hard to keep track of people who are actually viewing or reading the content that you are publishing. Nowadays you can keep track of all the content that is viewed on your website and actually have a certified lead of the people count by keeping a registration area and also their contact details.
  3. Attribution Modelling: This helps in the process of marketing the products/brands/content to the customer. This tells you the way people have searched for your product and how they would like it to be better by taking their opinions. This tells you where to correct yourself and where it is perfect.

The Budget for Digital Marketing:

This all depends on the number of elements that you are willing to insert in your digital marketing planning. If you already have a website then you won’t need much except the normal techniques like social media, SEO audits and content creation. So, in this case, the budget is really low. When it comes to online advertising and purchasing things online, the budget gets a lot higher than when compared to this. But it all depends on the person who is controlling the business to decide.

Singapore and Digital Marketing:

Singapore is now a buzzing market for the Digital Marketing and Social Marketing agencies. There have been several international digital agencies that are always eyeing the agencies that are based in Singapore and are doing better than those international ones. People are keen on increasing their scopes for the business they hold and also the number of clients they have and so they are moving to Singapore in order to learn what digital marketing really is. Customers or clients are more likely to contact someone who has a digital footprint or else the companies without one are not even acknowledged.

The market of Digital agencies is growing at a great speed and weight both. Singapore is now a hub for digital marketing and now if there is a discussion related to digital or online marketing Singapore is a name that stays on top. The market is booming with success in this particular area in case of Singapore. With each passing day digital and online marketing is something every businessman is adopting, and so it is very natural that digital marketing agencies will now be a very popular sector after this.

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