Successful Digital Marketing Rules To Apply In 2017

As the financial year has started, digital marketing in Singapore takes a fresh look. Professionals in this field make plans to bring fresh opportunity for their clients. Technology will revive its work in delivering new methods for brands to engage. But, the preference of customers is something that can change quickly. So, it is important for digital marketers to follow an analytical strategy. They should have the commitment to stay up-to-date with technology. They should do this to make sure that they get the best outcomes for their clients. They should do the same without losing sight to the human side. With many challenges, it is hard to plan for the future in this niche. But, if you follow certain rules in 2017, your business can flourish this year:

Establish connection:

Digital marketing like other methods of marketing is not around selling more. But, an effective strategy should be in a position to broadcast the purpose of the brand. The thing to remember this year is that humans are ready to associate. The victory of your campaigns is the proof of this desire to establish networks.

To motivate customers to associate with your product, you should understand their needs. With this understanding, it will be possible to develop personalized strategies. When your website delivers tailor-made contents, it will surely attract your target market. The idea is to identify the needs of your customers. Then, you should deliver the same in the methods that are not only convenient, but also compelling. A company specialized in online marketing in Singapore can do this for you.

People engagement:

As the nature of humans is social, digital is also social. Your customers do not just look for ways to fill their needs. They often wish to establish a sense of association with your product or your brand. With many brands competing, each of them cannot establish a personal connection. But, a professional digital marketer can help you achieve the same.

Some might say that they can buy clicks for their business development. But, they cannot buy the type of commitment that arises from true humans. To be more specific in social media, your customers strive to feel associated to an original individual after your marketing. This is where professional digital marketing team can help you. To succeed in digital marketing in 2017, you should look for ways to engage people. A professional digital marketing service can do this with their team of marketers.

Visuals can bring a change:

From the popularity of social platforms, you can understand a simple truth. The truth is that the internet is a visual medium. This means that you might load your website with good content. But, if the contents are not packed visually, your customers will not feel engaged.

Reports state that visuals can improve retention. No matter whether it is infographics or any other compelling visual, it will truly help. When people hear information they tend to forget nearly 10% of the same within the next three days. The information they see will remain in their mind at 65% rate after three days. When you present the information in the form of visuals, they will remember for long.

Do not forget the 80/20 rule:

According to Pareto Principle, nearly 80% of the outcomes are out of 20% of the contributors. This means that you cannot engage 80% of your visitors with digital marketing techniques. Nearly 20% of your visitors alone engage with the content by actually looking at them. Of this 20%, just about 5% of them will actually decide to shop from you.

You should remember this principle in all digital marketing strategies. This means that this year, you should understand the type of strategies that will make up 20%. You should then decide your strategies. But, it is hard for a normal individual to conduct this type of analysis. This is where a digital marketer can help you.

Study and attune:

Change alone is the constant thing in this world. This rule applies to digital marketing as well. As the months pass, you should analyze the results and should make some changes. With this move, you can get customer engagement. You will have to concentrate on the core activities related to your business. For that to be possible, you have to hand over the task to a marketing agency in Singapore. They know that the strategies that worked the previous year cannot work this year. Even, they know that what worked in the previous month, cannot work this month. So, they keep making changes to the strategies to achieve the digital marketing goals.

The strategies should be framed in such a way that they can be quickly changed. With the fast changes in the digital marketing world, they can make appropriate changes. Your business will be in a position to get better results with this approach. It will work regardless of the type of strategies followed.

Interactive emails:

When you are able to relate with emails from your inbox, you will feel gratified, isn’t? In the digital marketing world, this is something turning out to be much-used tools. This is possible because of the integrated CSS and HTML features. With interactive emails, your customers will be in a position to include products to their carts with ease. They can also select between styles and colors and they can play games through their inbox. They will appreciate these functionalities. It will also encourage them to relate with emails even more. Sending interactive emails is going to be a successful strategy this year. This type of mail will give an image in the minds of your customers that you are a step forward of your competitors.


You can try out these strategies to bring in success to your campaigns. You can hand over these tasks to a professional digital marketing agency in Singapore to get better benefits. The reason is that he will be aware of technical aspects with these strategies.

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